A content licensing company
significantly owned by its contributors

The launch of Avalon offers content creators and independent agency owners the unique possibility to become founding shareholders in a global licensing company. The intention is to seek a listing on the London Stock Exchange as soon as is possible.

Avalon - Built upon the heritage of quality, independent agencies and individual contributors.
Avalon - Substantially owned by its content creators and suppliers.
Avalon - Share ownership offers the possibility of capital gains in addition to royalties earned on sales.
Avalon - Giving clients breadth and depth of quality content.
Avalon - Offering content on both Editorial and Microstock licensing models.
Avalon - Creating cutting edge technology to provide content suppliers with global reach.

The founding agencies are

Photoshot (UK)
Pacific Coast News (US)
Pacific Coast News
InSight Media (Germany)
InSight Media
Look Agency (Spain)
Look Agency

For further information please contact info@avalon.red.

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